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Boar Bristle Body Brush & Exfoliator Set


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Natural rejuvenation is always welcome and thanks to boar-bristle exfoliating sets, you can get that spa-like magic at home at any time!

Boar bristle shower brushes are great for natural exfoliation, and for the alleviation of cellulite and stretch marks. Positive side effects of brushing could include, increased relaxation, reduction of swelling, in increased blood-circulation and lymph flow.

Mockins boar-bristles dry wooden brushes, are made of 100% natural fine-quality materials, and come with a cloth travel bag and beautiful packaging. So pick up a set and give yourself or your friend the simply awesome gift of great brushes!

This mockins bristle brush set includes:
  1. A Face Brush for dry brushing the face with soft and delicate bristles.
  2. A Body Brush for dry brushing the body with one hand. Includes a strap for easy grip.
  3. A Long Wooden Brush for dry brushing hard to reach areas like the back. The long brush has a useful grabbing strap at the top to give you a two-handed grip.
  4. A Round Exfoliating Brush for deep cleansing and exfoliates skin. The massage nodules help relieve body tension and soften skin.