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Wine Saver Vacuum Pump & Stoppers With Aerator And Corkscrew

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As the saying goes, “Life is too short to drink bad wine”. At the same time, life is too short to sit around with a freshly opened bottle for too long before tasting. That’s why vacuum pumps and aerators are so key.

Aerators rapidly expose freshly opened wine to the oxygen required for eliminating undesirable molecules, thereby ensuring an optimal tasting experience. On the flip side, vacuum pumps help maintain maximum freshness when a bottle is stored by reducing oxygen in the bottle, and slowing down the wine’s rate of oxidation.

Mockins wine aerator, utilizes the ‘Bernoulli Effect’ to infuse the ideal amount of oxygen in every pour. Mockins wine pump and rubber stoppers effectively seal and remove air from wine bottles, preserving them for future use.

So get the most out of your favorite bottles with this nifty mockins wine accessory set and enjoy!


Thinking of giving this item to someone as a gift? Mockins wine accessory sets are thoughtfully packaged in stylish gift boxes, making them as beautiful as they are useful!

  • Aerator size: 8.6"
  • Pump size: 4.7"