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Extendable Rooftop Cargo Basket & Cargo Bag Sets


Roof baskets provide the freedom of securing and transporting all sorts of objects not suitable for roof bags, roof boxes, or hitch mount cargo carriers. The ability to reach the cargo without obstruction from a closed box or bag is an added benefit. However, roof top cargo carrier bags provide weather protection, and can contain many large and small objects privately and securely for transport.

Mockins Extendable Cargo Basket & Cargo Bag Set offers both solutions in one convenient package and at one fantastic price. The cargo basket and roof bag can work together, or on their own. So If the freedom of having both options is your preference then this could be your set! Order today and rest assured that your cargo will always have the right way to move!

Extendable Roof Basket

Mockins Extendable Roof Baskets can be adjusted in size from  43" - 64" L x 39" W x 6" H. Theyare made of anti-rust coated heavy duty steel, and easily installed over vehicle side bars and cross bars. The roof baskets can hold up to the vehicle’s weight capacity (generally up to 250 lbs), which should not be exceeded for safety reasons.

Cargo Carrier Bag Mockins 100% waterproof cargo carrier bag has a volume of 15.5 cubic feet. Abrasion resistant vinyl, welded seams, and heavy duty zipper with a 2" zipper flap (and 9 pairs of 5.5" Velcro strips) protect c

Mockins 100% waterproof cargo carrier bag has a volume of 15 cubic feet and is made with abrasion resistant vinyl, welded seams, and a heavy duty zipper with a 2" zipper flap. Nine pairs of 5.5" Velcro strips protect cargo from extreme weather conditions, and Four 1.5” wide straps secure the cargo storage bag to the vehicle.

  • Cargo bag dimensions (expanded): H 44" L x 34" W x 18" H
  • Cargo bag dimensions (folded): 11.0" L x 6.0" W x 15" H
  • Protective mat dimensions: 39.0" L X 36.0" W
  • Cargo bag weight 7.1 lbs.
Ratchet Straps & Bungee Net

This roof basket and bag set includes two 1.0” ratchet straps for extra security and are uniquely designed with water resistant materials, preventing them from getting waterlogged. The weatherproof bungee cargo net stretches from 35” x 39” to 55” x 78”, has 4” mesh holes, and 12 adjustable ABS plastic hooks; all of which serve to provide a secure fit. The extra thick 6mm bungee cord netting is strong, weatherproof, and made to last.


Prior to loading the cargo bag, check the vehicle’s rooftop load limit taking the weight of roof bars, rails, or racks into consideration.

1) Begin the installation process by cleaning the vehicle roof removing any dirt that can scratch the vehicle once the bag is loaded.

2) Position the protective mat over the area of the vehicle where the cargo carrier will rest. This will minimize sliding and scratching while the vehicle is in motion. DO NOT use a towel or other material in place of a non-skid mat.

3) Although mockins cargo bag is completely waterproof, position the cargo bag with the zipper-end facing the back of the vehicle to add an extra layer of protection from heavy rain.

4) Make sure that the strap slots on the bag are aligned with roof rails, roof rack, or car doors if using the ratchet straps.

5) Begin loading the bag, by putting the heaviest items in first and distributing the weight as evenly as possible. Once the bag is loaded, close the heavy duty zipper at the back and fold the flap over the entire zipper.

6) If using the black utility straps, pull them over the entire bag from side-to-side, front-to-back, or both. Make sure the straps are inserted through the slots at the top of the bag and around the roof rails or cross bars. Then, buckle the straps around the rails or bars and tighten them well. Wrap up any excess strap-length to prevent flapping. If using the orange ratchet straps, pull them through the slots and over the bag. If the vehicle has roof bars, attach the ratchet straps directly to the bars. Otherwise, bring the straps into the vehicle and connect the hooks.

7) Position the metal slot by opening and closing it so that you can easily insert and push the belt through. Pull both sides of the belt together and tighten the belt by opening it and closing it. If the belt isn’t tightening, the strap is not inserted correctly. Simply take it out, and reposition the metal slot. Once the strap is pushed properly through the other end, it will tighten easily. DO NOT over tighten the strap.

  • If using a vehicle with a sliding door, make sure that one ratchet strap is inserted behind the door mechanism while the other is sufficiently positioned to the outer corner of the door so that the sensor is not triggered preventing the door from closing properly.
  • To release the ratchet straps, simply place your thumbs into the slots and pull them apart.

  • While on the road, remember to check on your cargo bag periodically making sure that it’s secured safely in place. We hope you enjoy using your mockins Rooftop cargo carrier bag and have a wonderful trip!

    *For visual instructions, please see mockins rooftop cargo carrier assembly video on or YouTube.

    Set Includes: Extendable Cargo Basket | Rooftop Cargo Bag | Ratchet Straps | Bungee Net