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2-in-1 Design Pickup Truck Bed Extender & Ratchet Straps

Pick Up Truck Bed Extenders are incredibly convenient for moving things like boats, pipes, lumber and tools that are longer than the truck bed itself.

Mockins pickup truck bed extenders provide an extremely solid tool for safely and securely transporting large items and consistently innovate with valuable customer feedback.

Reputable build quality, excellent prices, and dedicated support staff make purchasing a mockins pickup bed extender a fantastic choice!


Mockins pickup truck tailgate extenders are made from heavy duty anti-rust coated steel, and can be used both horizontally and vertically to fit all kinds of trucks and loads. The pickup truck bedextensions are super easy to assemble and disassemble with 4 quick-release clevis pins.

The pickup bed extenders fit any truck with a 2 inch hitch receiver or a 1.25 inch hitch with a hitch adapter. The range of adjustable width is {28.8 inches - 47.7 inches}, and the range of adjustable height is {20.7 inches - 28.6 inches horizontally or 68.9 inches - 78 inches vertically}.

The pickup truck bed extensions are designed to handle up to 750 lbs of weight, and come with ratchet straps and reflective red tape to secure loads and ensure safety for other drivers.

Color: Black