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Glass Spice Jars - 4 Oz - 24 PCS


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Every kitchen needs a great set of spice jars, and mockins glass spice jars with stainless steel lids are perfect for the job. The airtight spice containers keep spices fresh and the assortment of lid types are super helpful.

Mockins square glass spice jars are optimally shaped for storage, the chalk marker makes labeling them easy, and the collapsible funnel makes the perfect tool for filling them up. So get yourself a pack of these handy seasoning jars and enjoy putting them to use!


Included in mockins 4 Oz. Glass Spice Jar Sets are:

  • 24 Clear Square Glass Jars (Height 4.2", Width 1.7")
  • 24 Stainless Steel Covers
  • 28 Shaker Lids in Four Different Styles (7 of Each)
  • A Chalk Marker with 24 Round Labels and 24 Square Labels
  • A Collapsible Funnel